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Blockchain Holdings is your solution to own Digital Assets with Industry Leading Access to investments based on our industry knowledge.

As early as 2012, members of our team believed in the “Macro” economics of Crypto investing. Buying, Mining, and holding Bitcoins. After reading the white paper and meeting with Vitalik and many of the Ethereum founders the team agreed to invest in a large amount of Ethereum during the original ETH crowdsale. Since that time we have seen great appreciation in both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Due to our history and close contacts in the Crypto development/investment community we believe we are very “in tune” with the upcoming market and our access to upcoming ICO opportunities is second to none.

Company Strategy

Blockchain Holdings allocates capital to seed, create, acquire, and invest in businesses related to digital currencies and blockchain technology. Our main focus is financial services—a State of California registered asset management firm focused on digital currencies and securities of blockchain related companies, and a relationship with SEC registered and FINRA member broker-dealer and investment bank specializing in securities token underwriting and equity investments in the space. We also have interests in digital mining and cryptocurrency exchange tokens.

We strive to get you the most out of your investment.

Our firm offers leading edge due diligence and digital assets investments in the space.

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